Thank You! – A Reflection of One Year with The Mondo Life

Today it dawned on me that it has been one year and four months since starting The Mondo Life. If you enjoy receiving emails in your inbox on the latest post, thank you! And if you continue to come back to the blog whenever you see me post on social media, thank you! And if you are a frequent reader, please consider subscribing to The Mondo Life to receive updates straight to your inbox whenever there is a new post. (You can subscribe by typing your email in the box to the right of this post.)

You are the reason why I continue to write about my baking, cooking, and travel adventures. Over a year ago, I had a vision of writing about the things that make me happy and sharing them with you. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response, even though my blogging in the past year has been sporadic at best. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful and loyal following.

What’s next? Well, you might have noticed a few changes around here. This blog has been such an unexpected success for me, that I’ve decided to take it up a notch. Rather than just being a hobby of mine, this year I look forward to investing even more into The Mondo Life. Keep a look out for more frequent posts, a better reading experience, and hopefully some giveaways!

In celebration of this milestone, I’ve listed my favorite posts from the past year. I hope you enjoy rediscovering these articles. And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for coming along with me on this blogging adventure.

Cheers to over one year of Mondo Life adventures!


Post With the Most Views – Traditional Family Recipes Part One – Pierogi

Favorite Travel Post – Kauai Adventures

Favorite Recipe Post – Homemade Popcorn Has Ruined Microwave Popcorn

Favorite Review Post – Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Favorite Misc Post – What Does it Mean to be Successful

{Photo Credit: Amy Shamblen via Unsplash}

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