Moonlight Beach, CA

Frequently rated as one of the best family friendly beaches in the United States, Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California was worth the trip to see it for ourselves.

We visited the week before July 4th, on a Friday so it was a bit crowded, but then again, most beaches in San Diego are crowded in the summer months. Although further down the beach you walk the crowds lessen.

There were loads of families and surfers, but not too many swimmers.

It is important to note the surf isn’t conducive for beginner swimmers, or those who don’t understand how to spot rip currents. While there was a life guard on duty, it’s always a good practice to be respectful of the surf, especially if you doubt your abilities in the water.

As a new mom, I loved the relatively clean bathrooms (for a public beach) and the recreational amenities. There was a full play ground, ample outdoor showers, and fire pits. There even was a food bar with shave ice, just in case you got too warm while sun bathing!

We plan on visiting this beach again, and could see that this would be a fantastic place for large groups to get together for any occasion. And we can attest that this is a fantastic family beach.

Happy travels, and surfs up!


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