Movie Review: Wonder Woman

This post is long over due. I saw the Wonder Woman movie on the Friday it debuted, but I was fearful of giving my readers spoilers. So, if you still haven’t had a chance to see the movie and don’t wish to be spoiled, please skip this post.


First, I’ll start with the one disappointment I have with the movie: it needed more action in the first half. The beginning seemed a bit slow for a super hero action flick, but I also understand since this is Wonder Woman’s origin story it had to set her background. As the story line progressed, the slow beginning made more sense, which slightly redeemed how slow it began.

Second, a few antidotes of what I really appreciated about the film. I appreciated the realistic way the beginning of the movie portrayed relationships between strong women. In the first battle scene the “shield!” maneuver deeply resonated with me. It seems to be a metaphor for what can happen when strong women (and men) work together: they launch each other to new heights. In the real world, I have been blessed to experience professional relationships and personal relationships with many strong women, who have done this for me. I also have experienced opportunities to help launch others. It is definitely an ideal that should be repeated again and again among workplaces, families, and friendships around the world.

Another part of the film I greatly appreciated, is how the director portrayed a strong super hero who was vulnerable and had a moral obligation to protect others. In the most recent super hero films (both Marvel and DC) directors lost sight of the fact that these are HEROES. Meaning, they have moral motivations for fighting, instead of fighting just to fight. Previous films were too focused on the big explosions, rather than explaining why the heroes were standing up to fight. Wonder Woman’s director understood that the why for the fighting is just as important as the big explosions and special effects.

Overall, Wonder Woman receives 5 out of 5 stars. This super hero movie has redeemed the super hero industry in a big way, and reminds us that everyone has a choice to be a super hero for someone else everyday in the real world.

Until next time, be a super hero for someone! Everyone needs a little help at some point, so they can be launched to greater heights.


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