Kauai Adventures

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to vacation in Kauai. A first for both of us, and we came back home with some great memories.

First, a little about the island, and what makes it unique from all the others. It is named the Garden Island, because it is very green and has many tropical forests. It is also home to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, on the desert side of the isle. The tallest mountain gets about 50-100 inches of rain annually, but the lower elevations receive more like 10-20 inches of rain. Due to the variance in topography, this makes Kauai a great place for those seeking outdoor adventures on their vacation. Below are a few of my favorite activities.


1. Hiking to Hanakāpī‘ai Beach (North) – The hike was strenuous, and most of it is climbing up stairs. There also is a section of river that you must cross, and if it is too high, it is very dangerous to cross. However, I enjoyed seeing some of the North part of the island, mainly the gorgeous Nā Pali coast’s sheer cliffs that drop straight into the ocean. Also, this hike leads to a secluded beach and cave that is quite beautiful. Overall, this is a must for those who hike regularly, but if you are even a little in doubt of your abilities to endure the long 7 mile hike, just take the helicopter ride to see the sights. 🙂




2. Kauai Coffee Company (South) – We took a guided tour at Kauai Coffee Company, and I learned so much about where my cup of joe comes from. For instance, did you know that coffee starts out as a pea-berry, or that one average size coffee bush will produce only one pound of coffee each harvest? I know — I alone probably drink one pound of coffee each week. It’s no wonder coffee is one of the largest crops in Kauai and the Hawaiian islands! At Kauai Coffee Company, not only do they have knowledgeable staff, but they also have a tasting room with all their different types of coffee. If you are looking for a latte, they also have a cafe where you can order your favorite drink. Coffee lover or not – this is definitely a must see while you are in Kauai.


3. McBryde Garden (South) – A visit to the McBryde Garden in Koloa, is well worth your time. This garden is a part of a non-profit named the National Tropical Botanical Garden, which has several beautiful gardens. We learned a lot about Kauai’s history from the McBryde Garden, and it was a very pleasant stroll through enormous amounts of tropical plants I have never seen before. At every turn I was in awe. They even had a few native plants to Kauai that are no longer in the wild, due to extinction. It was quite a treat to see these rare plants.


4. Poipu Beach (South) – Since we were staying nearby, we spent a lot of time at Poipu Beach. This is a great beach for snorkeling and swimming. It is a lovely beach to relax at, the only downside is that it tends to get crowded.

Well, there you have it, my favorite activities from our latest adventure in Kauai. Until next time, keep adventuring!


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