The Best Oatmeal Cookies

Some people draw, sing, or scrapbook for their creative outlet. Mine has always been baking. There is something refreshingly simple, and joyful about baking. I mean, who can resist the smell of freshly baked cookies? Baked goods also are inherently for giving away and sharing. Unless you really can eat an entire dozen of cookies in one sitting, or an entire loaf of bread. Which, if you can, you probably shouldn’t admit it. For some reason, it’s frowned upon.

Anyway, this is about oatmeal cookies. Some love them, some loath them. They are a rather divisive cookie. When I was a kid, getting an oatmeal raisin you thought was chocolate chip was the worst joke ever. But as I have grown, I have become more fond of the hearty oat meal cookie. It’s the perfect snack when you don’t have granola bars on hand, and it is passable for a healthy version of a cookie. (Or at least I tell myself that.)

With the start of the baking season officially under way with the start of fall, is there a better way to kick it off than sharing my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe with you? I doubt it. The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman, whose blog I’ve been following since 2007. You might also know her as a Food Network star.

Let’s get to her cookie recipe! These are fabulous because they are meant for freezing and chopping up for only when you want to bake them. This way you always have warm cookies and the amount you want. Awesome if you only want a few, or a half dozen. The recipe is in her first cookbook, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” or you can find it by clicking here to her site.

Looks delicious, right?? Well, excuse me while I go and whip up a batch of these cookies or an apple pie. It’s started raining, so I’m thinking pie.

Happy Fall and Baking Season!



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