4 Must Have Kitchen Tools & Cooking Hacks

Do you have a few tools in your kitchen that you use for their primary use, but also for a few other things? Me too. And if you don’t, I’ve got FOUR things that you should think about having in your kitchen because they are great work horses and will improve your food.

1. A micro plane.

My sister introduced me to the versatility of this tool, and I use it a lot! My favorite uses include grating hard cheeses like parmesan, making zest from citrus and grating whole spices like sticks of cinnamon.

It can also be used for grating pretty much anything including carrots or shavings of chocolate. Basically, a micro plane works like a zester, cheese grater, and spice grater all in one. Definitely worth the space in your kitchen.

2. Creo glass bowls.

I use these everyday in the kitchen. They are lovely for baking, as you can mix the dough in the same bowl that it rises in. I prefer glass for the proofing process, as stainless gets cold and other surfaces like ceramic or wood are porous, which is also not good for rising.

I use them to mix salads for dinner, or re-heat leftovers in the oven. Yes, they are oven safe! So really, the possibilities are endless.

3. Vegetable peeler.

I use it to “julienne” vegetables without a mandolin and to create pretty shavings of Parmesan cheese and chocolate.

Hmm… seems like I have a thing for Parmesan and chocolate. Well, that wouldn’t be wrong. Haha!

4. Coffee grinder.

This is my secret to fantastic coffee! Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer because it isn’t exposed to oxygen. We grind what we need for the week on the weekends, and the rest of the beans stay fresh and ready for next week.

Please DO NOT put your coffee in the freezer, it kills the flavor of your coffee. It should be stored at room temp, in a dark container with an airtight seal. Moisture, oxygen and light are coffee’s enemy.

The grinder is also my secret to fresh spices. Although I don’t do it often, grinding your own spices ensures the same results as with the coffee. Once spices have been ground they too start to loose their luster and flavor.

Also, have you tried sprinkling some cinnamon into your coffee grounds? You really should.

Well, there you have it! Four awesome kitchen tools and their hacks I recommend every home chef invest in. They will make your life easier and tastier too.

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool that wasn’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing your tips and tricks!

Cheers to a more flavorful (& useful) kitchen,


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