Garden Patio: Flowers Flowers Flowers!

In case you missed the garden patio planning post a few weeks ago, you can check it out by clicking here. The post will bring you up to date on all things container garden.

Back to our regular scheduled programming. The past few weeks my white vinca flowers have grown like crazy! They really seem to like the heat, sunshine, and can tolerate a little bit of dry soil.

After cutting back a few dried a dead looking fronds from my fern, it has taken off as well. This plant can surprisingly tolerate being dry for a day, and seems to like that.

The only plants not doing so well are the snapdragons. But that wasn’t entirely my fault, as very little can thwart hungry caterpillars. HOWEVER, even those have some budding flowers, so I hope they will make an appearance soon.

It would seem the planning for my patio garden this summer has paid off. But you don’t have to believe me, just take a look at the photos. I’m so surprised the plants are doing so well, given my track record last summer. As the saying goes, live and learn!

Happy planting!


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