Celebrating Teachers

With the new school year right around the corner, this season brings up fond memories of buying shiny new binders, pens, folders, and maybe a few cute erasers. (Just me? Ok.) But more importantly, it brings to mind all the amazing teachers that have and continue to have such an impact on my life.

From Kindergarten to college, teachers were always present to lend an ear, impart their wisdom, and gently guide me through those days and prepare me for what was to come. Growing up we learn so much more than literature, geography, math, and science from our teachers. We learn how to create, follow through, take risks, and most importantly – that hard work pays off.

Without teachers, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I’m sure you can say the same. So during this season of a new school year, let’s take a moment to remember those who taught us and thank them for having such big impacts on our lives.

If you feel comfortable sharing, please share a memory you have with one teacher who helped transform you into who you are today, as a tribute to them in the comments below.

If you are a teacher reading this, know your planning and hard work is appreciated. And I thank you for making the world better by educating our children and making their world so much richer through learning.

To kick off this teacher celebration, I’ll share a memory with you of one of my teachers. It was difficult to pick just one – but I think you will find it relevant.

My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Victor, inspired me to write and read. Before her, I struggled with phonetics and spelling. I knew I wasn’t the best speller, so it hindered me from feeling confident in my writing. Mrs. Victor encouraged me to keep writing and always complimented my stories for being creative. She even said once that she thought I should be a writer for a living. If it weren’t for Mrs. Victor’s encouragement, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. In fact, due to her encouragement I’ve always made sure that writing has been a habit of mine. Thank you, Mrs. Victor for giving me a love for writing.

I look forward to hearing your stories about your teachers and how they impacted you, in the comments below, or use #ThankATeacher.

Make everyday an opportunity to learn something new!


{Photo by Jony Ariadi via Unsplash}

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