Five Things to Bring for Baby’s First Trip to the Beach

Are you planning on bringing your baby to the beach? AWESOME – I highly recommend it. All it takes is a little bit of planning. On our first trip to the beach as a family, baby slept almost 2 hours straight and it was lovely.

When I was preparing to take our baby out to the beach for the first time, I was surprised that there weren’t many useful lists on the internet. Most lists were full of advertising, which is annoying and not helpful when trying to find what really would really be useful. I hope my list will help you feel a bit more confident when you do decide to take your baby out to the beach for the first time. Below are the items I found were a must for our first beach trip with baby.

  1. A pop-up beach shelter. The one we purchased opens with one hand, and if you have a baby I don’t need to tell you how important it is to make setting up camp go as quick as humanly possible.
  2. A baby carrier. You will likely only use this for the trip from the car to your spot on the beach, but it means two more hands to carry other items and fewer trips to car.
  3. Fold out changing pad. Even when towels get sandy, it’s easy to keep a wipeable changing pad clean.
  4. Baby powder for your feet. A quick dusting in the parking lot before you jump in the car will dust off anything you would’ve otherwise tracked into the car.
  5. Backpack cooler. We found an insulated backpack cooler, and not only did it keep things cold, but it also kept our hands free of a cooler, making our trip to find the perfect spot much easier. Have I mentioned how useful it is to have free hands while a little one is along?

I hope this list is useful for someone out there! I know I would’ve appreciated a list like this while I was planning for our trip.

Wishing you many sunny trips to the beach!


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