Lost Family Recipes

I never met my biological grandmother from my father’s side of the family. Now before you flip on past this post, know this isn’t a sad post. It’s a joyful one!

One of the elements of cooking that I love so much, is its heritage and constancy. Recipes have the power to bridge the gap between generations in a personal, tangible and real way. They also bridge cultures, regions, and people. You can easily find a recipe for a Victorian era meat pie, or just as easily find how to make a warm spicy curry. Experiencing time travel, or just traveling without leaving your kitchen, has always appealed to me.

My aunt recently gave me some recipes I hadn’t seen before. They are handwritten and from my grandma. These are a glimpse into who she was, what she was raised with, and likely how she spent her days as a homemaker. And to me, this was a glimpse into my family history that I previously knew very little of.

The recipes gave me this feeling of knowing a bit about my grandma, a lovely person who unfortunately was called to leave this earth before her children were grown. Filled with lots of bread and cookie recipes, I feel closer to one more kindred spirit watching me from heaven. As you might know, my favorite things to bake and share are bread and cookies. All 100% from scratch. Today I am thankful for these recipes that have allowed me to travel back in time and learn more about my heritage.

Over the next few posts, I will be drawing from these recipes for my latest blog series.

Do you have any prized family recipes that have stood against the test of time? Please share in the comments below!

Wishing you good eats,



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